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This is only initiated when weather conditions along with the Florida Forest Service’s knowledge of local and state fire conditions indicate a strong potential for hazardous wildfire conditions. It is likely that when a Red Flag Alert is issued by the FFS, a Red Flag Warning may also be in effect.  The FFS uses wildfire danger levels to determine wildfire readiness staffing and activities that may be required on a given day. These levels are calculated with inputs from the 2PM NWS weather forecast and the potential for a wildfire to build and spread due to the weather conditions. Extreme: Wildfires start quickly, burn intensely and rapidly spread. Wildfire behavior is erratic and extremely dangerous. No outdoor burning is allowed under these conditions and fire restrictions apply. Very High: Wildfires start easily from all causes immediately after ignition and rapidly grow and spread. Burning firebrands blown by the wind start new wildfires off the main wildfire. Fire whirlwinds may develop under these conditions. Significant emergency response and suppression efforts are required for extended periods of time. Outdoor burning is not recommended and fire restrictions may be in effect.

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Florida Physician

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